Getting Rid Of Acne Naturally And Quickly Are You Making Mistakes?

Here are some helpful pointers on how to treat acne naturally, how to maintain a non-acne-friendly face, and how to maintain a non-acne-friendly lifestyle.1. Never touch your face with your bare hands. Before washing and applying anything on your face, wash your hands with an anti-bacterial soap and water. Keeping your hands away from your face can’t be stressed enough—our hands contain a million bacteria that can aggravate acne.2. Resist the urge to prick and squeeze your pimples. You might have done it before, and you might think that the urge to just get rid of all that pus inside a pimple is too strong, but know this: the more you prick and squeeze your pimple, the deeper the bacteria and infection will be buried underneath your skin. By pricking, you are not getting rid of the harmful part of the pimple–you are actually pushing it further inside. That’s why picked pimples almost always leads to a more serious inflammation and infection.3. Lay off all facial creams and chemicals that contain alcohol. Alcohol dries up our skin, and this alerts the oil glands to release more oil in order to counter the drying up. More oil production means more flareups. In cleaning your face, use only ultra-mild solutions that are odorless. And do not overuse facial washes, as this may strip your skin entirely of its natural moisture, leading again to dry skin and more breakouts.4. Have your face professionally cleaned in a facial session twice a month. Your skin clinic professionals are trained on pricking the grime out of your acne the right way, so this is the only time when someone is allowed to handle your acne rashes and pimples.5. Have your dermatologist concoct a specialized tea tree oil solution. Numerous facial products now contain tea tree extract in them to address those who have acne-prone skin. Still, it is best to get access to an actual tea tree solution, as it has already been proven to significantly reduce acne breakouts.6. Do not wear athletic gear, forehead bands, or any other clothing that touches the skin on your face and neck. Doing this will trigger friction against your skin will trigger the growth of new pimples and aggravate the condition of the currently existing ones.7. Get adequate sleep with consistent sleeping and waking hours to reduce stress and promote healing of the skin. Also, hydrate yourself–do not wait to feel thirsty before you actually gulp down water.8. Reduce your intake of the following acne-aggravating food: coffee, dairy, sugar, refined carbohydrates, red meat. These food groups readily trigger various hormones in your body, which will lead to the production of more oil. More oil means more breakouts, so keep off these foods until your acne flare diminishes.These simple tips, coupled with reducing your lifestyle stressors and discipline in terms of hygiene and food intake, will significantly help you in getting rid of acne naturally.