3 Things To Avoid While Washing Your Towels}

3 Things to Avoid While Washing Your Towels


Roy SmithAbsorbency and durability are the keys to luxurious hotel towels. However, vigorous institutional laundering may reduce the softness and damage the texture of your Hotel Towels after some time. Here is your guide to keep your Bath linen fresh and make it last longer1. Do Not Use Extra Detergent

Creating a lot of lather by adding some more detergent will not clean your Towels better. In fact, the over dosage of detergents will make your Hotel Towels rough and damage their softness and fluffy texture. Use just a little detergent in warm water and your Towels will be good to go!

2. Do Not Add Fabric Softeners

As fancy and luxurious fabric softeners feel, they aren’t really a smart option. The fabric softeners develop a waxy layer over the surface of the towels which gives the desired softness and feel. After some time, the absorbency of your Hotel Towels will reduce because of the waxy layer leaving the towels less efficient.

3. Do Not Use the Towels Until Completely Dried

You sure do not want to host bacteria and other microbial in your bath linen. Once your Towels are out of the dryer, hang them for some time to make sure they are completely dried and do not compromise on it. Wet Towels are a heaven for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, causing skin allergies and more.

Every pillows is different from the other, in terms of size, shape, and filling, although they look the same. Here is your guide to buying the right pillow for your hotel:

Choose the Right Size

The size of your hotel bed will determine the size of your pillow. Beds which are large in size require larger pillows for elegant aesthetics. Some hotels have extra pillows and small cushions on the bed for a luxurious feel and experience while others have a pair of pillows for an organized and sleek look to the room. You must consider the overall look of your hotel bed to decide which pillow size shall go better with the bed.

Choose the Right Filling

Depending upon your preference, you may choose between cluster fiber or gel fiber pillows. Gel fiber pillows are breathable and easy to wash. They are very fluffy and soft and provide extensive support to the neck, shoulders, and back. Cluster fiber pillows are also soft and hypoallergenic and perfect for guests with skin sensitivity and other allergies. It ensures that your guests do not catch any allergies or skin conditions from the pillow.

Thread Count and Stitching

You need to ensure that your hotel pillows are strong enough to withstand vigorous institutional laundering and are tightly woven to give a soft feel. Double-needle stitching ensures that the stitching threads do not come off after washing while locking it with a piping further keeps it further intact, giving a sophisticated look.


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