7 Things You Should Avoid When Purchasing Bathroom Vanities

By Sami Giovinco

There are a myriad of problems that we face. However, sometimes there are situations and problems that are even harder to face. When you are shopping for products, it is often hard to discern between scams and good deals. This list will show you about the 7 things to avoid when you buy bathroom vanities. Here is a way to tackle the tough situation of finding great bathroom sets and avoiding scams, in 7 simple steps.

The first step involves searching through Craigslist. Often, Craigslist do not contain any value and most of the scam happens there. Thus, any occurrence of being able to buy bathroom vanities can be a scam too. For this you will want to avoid buying from Craigslist if you are inexperienced. If you neglect this or do not do it, you should expect to receive a very low quality deal or you may not even receive your bathroom set even!

The next thing you want to watch out for is buying from eBay. This step is important because buying from eBay can be a tricky situation. Why? This is because it is hard to discern between real sellers and bad sellers. Power sellers do not sell bathroom vanities; they sell small trinkets like watches and pens. Thus, if you are looking to buy a bathroom set, it will be hard to weed out the bad ones from the legit ones.


The next thing to avoid when buying bathroom vanities is buying from forums. This is bad because there are some home improvement forums that favor the senior members. Thus if you have a transaction with a senior member and the transaction was unsuccessful, you have no means of redress. This is important because you will have lost your money. This means that you have lost a sizable chunk of your renovation budget. This can also mean that you have no way of bringing the matter up because the forum will have banned you if you say anything bad about the senior members.

You will want to avoid buying bathroom vanities from unauthorized dealers. This is important because these dealers often have substandard products. That is the reason why they can sell it for so cheap. This will require sieving through the good guys from the bad.

Next, you will want to avoid buying your bathroom vanities from overseas. Most overseas products do not have warranty. An important point to keep in mind here is the warranty. Why this is important is that the bathroom set may chip and without warranty you will not be able to change it forever.

Next, you may also want to avoid buying bathroom vanities warehouse sales. Warehouse sales are well known to have faulty items. For such a large investment, it is better to buy a great set at an affordable price.

Last but not least, you want to avoid those annual sales. This is because annual sales have the previous year’s design. On the surface, this is fine; however, new designs often have better functionality. You now are nearly there! Do not forget, to think about ways to avoid being tricked into buying a bad bathroom vanities set!

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