8 Top Tips To Create The Perfect Arrangement Of Wall Art

By Alyssa Davis

What is the single most effective way to add wall art to a room? Unfortunately, no magical method exists. However, we can experiment to determine which blend of methods will create a perfect arrangement of art that complements other decor in the room The key is to keep trying and tweaking different techniques, until you find the right ones for a particular room. Here are some methods that you should add to your repertoire:

1. Use asymmetrical arrangements for a more casual appearance

This is a real eye-catching way to arrange such an art. Ironically, you can still create an appearance of balance for the overall wall.

2. Create a vertical line of wall art

You could create a vertical line with actual picture frames. Stack one picture above the other one, to create a sense of height on a wall. However, even items within framed pictures, could help to create this type of arrangement.

3. Use an offset display for an informal appearance


This is an asymmetrical version of the diagonal line. It creates some excitement on the wall, without the symmetry of a diagonal line.

4. Make small pieces of art seem larger

By arranging small pieces of wall art (i.e. iron art) in groups, you can make them appear larger. For instance, use several pieces to envelop a single piece of roughly the same size. You could place three pieces of one type of wall art, above or below another type. Create either a U or upside-down U around the second type of art.

5. Use symmetry arrangements to create order and balance

Typically, this technique creates a soothing and pleasant effect. Some methods include placing two smaller items on either side of a larger item. Another option is to place two pieces of one wall art type, on either side of a different type of art.

6. Use a diagonal line to create some zing

This can involve both the wall art items themselves, and in the case of wall art such as framed pictures and shadowboxes – the items inside the pictures. Using this method creates some extra pizzazz to the arrangement. It is ideal for areas such as stairways.

7. Create a horizontal line of wall art

This method is most effective with symmetrical frame pictures. However, you could also use it for other pieces of wall art (such as iron wall art), which are roughly the same size. When using framed wall art, creating a horizontal line will help a narrow room to appear lengthier.

8. Create a box with frames of different sizes

For framed pictures and shadowboxes, you can create a box, by forming a square or rectangular shape using the borders of frames of different sizes. This is an excellent way to offset pieces of different sizes – to create a balanced appearance.

To create the perfect art of home decor wall art, you should do some experimenting. While perfect wall art arrangements are relative, you can create them!

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