A Guide To Know Your Auto Insurance}

Submitted by: Sahil Doshi

Owning a car is a dream for most of us, however it comes with a lot of risks as well, about many of which we rarely even think. Accidents can occur despite your great driving skills. Uneven roads, disregard for pedestrian rules and loss or stealing of cars are a few other risks that are usually associated with cars. In order to protect your car from all such unforeseen events, it is better to get your car insured. When you invest a good sum in purchasing your car, it won’t be really that big thing to invest a little more to safeguard it from all associated risks. Auto insurance is the perfect way of shielding your car from all such misoccurences. It also saves the owner from facing financial burden because of damage to the car or injury to a third party person. Therefore, it is important to go for some good auto insurance from multiple options available.

Safeguarding your car against different risks is a smart thing to do. According to the law in India, it is mandatory to have a Third-Party Insurance done, in the absence of which the owner is subjected to penalty. Besides the law, an auto insurance covers numerous other benefits as well, a few of which have been mentioned below:

1. Loss or Damage to the Vehicle


Life is uncertain and so do accidents that can cause both minor or major damage to your car. A standard auto insurance comes with several benefits that helps you to bear the cost of repairing and gets your car back on road. Auto insurance covers man-made threats like theft/burglary, strike, malicious act, riot, terrorist activity and the damage caused due to natural calamities like fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, storm landslide, etc. The insurance company compensates you for the financial loss due to any such damage.

2. Third Party Liability

It is up to you to get auto insurance done for your vehicle, however third party insurance is mandatory in the country under the Motor Vehicle Act. In case of an accident associated with your vehicle, an auto insurance policy covers the legal liability occuring due to an injury or death of a third party and also property damage of the third party. However, the compensation is limited for the damage of Third Party property, while bodily injury depends entirely upon the then situation.

3. Personal Accident Cove

Personal accident cover is also mandatory for the owner driver in an auto insurance policy. It covers permanent total disability and accidental death. An auto insurance policy also covers both the named as well as unnamed passengers up to the seating occupancy of the vehicle and paid driver.

Although the personal accident coverage for your car would depend entirely on the IDV (Insureds Declared Value) or the manufacturers listed selling price subtracting the depreciation for each year. Please note here that IDV is the highest amount payable in case of a claim for total loss or theft.


With so many benefits, it is necessary to have an auto insurance done, both for your wallet and for gaining peace of mind. This is one of the best ways by which you can safegurad yourself from enormous risks that come as your car steps on the road.

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