Best College Majors To Make Money

By Jamie Cohen

The top money making majors vary every year. These majors though most of the times are the hardest to complete, are usually the most rewarding at the end. I just looked up these statistics because I was curious about my major which is economics. Here I will compile a list of the top college majors to make money; I will then list the types of jobs you can get with that major.

1.)Any type of engineering. This includes Chemical Engineering ($55,900), Electrical Engineering ($52,899), Mechanical Engineering ($50,672), and civil engineering ($45,000). These majors are usually the hardest to complete due to massive homework and projects. They require a lot of mathematical skills which I don’t possess, and many other people don’t. It is not for everybody. The amounts of jobs you can acquire with this are pretty absurd. The employment growth for the majority of engineering jobs is moving at a pace faster than most occupations. The jobs for these majors include: Designing anything from bridges to skyscrapers, to creating medical advancements and much, much more, just google it.

2.)Computer Science ($50,046)- With the endless growth potential of computers and the internet, computer science skills are very important, and because of this, people who have skills in this are paid very well. Believe me when I say, I’ve tried to program on my website and it is pretty impossible for an average joe like me. I tried to outsource some of my work but it would cost a ton. The work load is a ton for this major, but if you are a fan of computers and believe in the future growth of computers and the internet, then this major is for you. Jobs for this major include: Database manager, Systems analyst, Applications programmer, Computer programmer.


3.)Accounting ($45,723) – If you like numbers, this is for you. As for me, I like numbers, but only on my pay checks. This major can be EXTREMELY boring, but it could be worth it for your post college opportunities. I always assume people are lazy, and people will remain lazy and don’t have the knowledge to do their taxes, accountants will always be in great demand. This job has after than average growth.These jobs include: Management accountants, Government accountants, Public accountants, Auditors

4.)Economics/Finance($45,200)- Finally, we get to my major Economics. Let me tell you about Econ. It can be fun, I mean if you are a complete loser like me. With economics you can analyze anything from tacos with computers to clowns and dynamite. It can be very interesting. But on the other hand, with the wrong professor you can have an awfully boring time. If you have an interest in this major, I recommend reading the book ‘Freakonomics’. This book really opened up my mind to economics. Job growth is very strong for finance and economics. These jobs include: Economists in government, business, academic fields.

More majors you can choose: Business Administration-$40,000, Marketing $37,500, and Liberal Arts at roughly $31,000

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