Choosing The Right Weight Loss Supplement}

Choosing the Right Weight Loss Supplement


Joseph Lira

Things to consider before selecting your Weight Management aids.

The dreaded appointment with the bathroom scale has been a self criticism tradition we all have faced at certain point in our lives, I have to lose some weight a familiar quote of the ceremony. Nowadays there are various options that can help us in the self realization journey of weight management, a feat that can be considerably boosted by choosing the right supplement, one that is congruent with our habits and our everyday reality.

The main types of weight loss supplements are: Fat Blockers, Carb Blockers, Appetite Suppressants, Fat Burners and Cortisol Products. Next I will describe them briefly:

Fat Blockers: They work by absorbing fat in your digestive system so it is later eliminated in the stool, they usually contain Chitosan, which is very similar to dietary fiber (it comes from shellfish), you take a pill of the fat blocker of choice before meals and it works like regular fiber, while passing through your digestive tract, it absorbs between 5 to 10 times its initial weight in fat. It is recommended that you decrease the general content of fat in your diet while taking these, because some users have reported discomfort (Oily stool or flatulence), other reported side effects include: gas and diarrhea. Fat blockers are not recommended for long term use because some fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E,F,K) may not be absorbed properly.

Carb Blockers: They work by preventing the digestive enzymes that break down starchy carbs (pasta, bread, etc.) from doing their job, this is supposed to prevent the carbohydrates from being absorbed by our digestive system, and instead they are eliminated. Carb blockers are commonly composed mostly of wheat germ and bean extracts. They are to be taken before meals. Some of the reported side effects are: bloating, gas, diarrhea and nausea.

Appetite Suppressants: There are two types, those that reduce appetite and those that increase satiety, these effects are achieved by their action on some of our brain neurotransmitter processes that regulate appetite and satiety.

Fat Burners: This weight management alternative generally promotes an increase in metabolism and calorie consumption aimed at converting stored body fat into energy, there are various types.

Thermogenic Fat Burners work by promoting a slight increase in body temperature, therefore increasing metabolism which helps to burn ingested calories quicker and prevent body fat accumulation.

Topical Fat Burners are applied on the body (lotions or creams) in areas of interest to the patient (abdomen, legs, etc)to attempt to dissolve the fatty tissue located underneath the skin.

Cortisol Products: Instead of burning fat, this weight management aid works by regulating the levels of Cortisol, a stress hormone believed to be related to increased levels of fat deposits when the levels of the hormone are elevated in our bodies.

Careful consideration must be given to the factors mentioned above and how they relate to ones lifestyle, habits and goals in order to maximize the impact of our weight management strategies, we should question ourselves, and reflect on what we really want and how we want to get there, Questions such as: Do I usually include considerable amounts of fat in my diet? (Fat Blockers and Fat Burners) Am I a big fan of carbs? (Carb blockers) Are there specific areas of my body that I am not satisfied with? (Thermogenic fat burners), Do I stress a lot at work? (Cortisol blockers), although a broad and comprehensive analysis of these answers should be performed (If I stress at work, does that make me eat frequently during the day?, maybe is not only a cortisol issue), This process of self questioning, analysis of strategies and needs, presents a valuable tool in choosing the right weight loss supplement for ones objectives, the choice should undoubtedly be combined with healthy eating and regular exercise, even walking 20 minutes a day makes a big difference.

So, without forgetting that healthy nutritional and exercising habits are crucial, having a general understanding of the types of weight loss supplements as well as performing an analysis of personal habits and goals, will surely result beneficial for achieving your weight management goals, which will give an extra edge in getting where you want.

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Choosing the Right Weight Loss Supplement}