Love Thy Be The Reason

By Nicole Anne A. Smith

It is quite rare to find someone whose attitude is same as you, because every person is unique, even sibling whom grown up in same house, will never have the same attitude how much more the person you have been married?

No matter of your differences, arguments, clashing ideas and point of views but at the end of the day you will still willing to stay with each other, it is because love bounds you.

In fact, when two people decide to get married they dream to have one big happy and wonderful family in the future. That everything seems to be in order, full of happiness and love. Unfortunately, not all marriage ends up with successful conclusion. The recent research shows that almost three fourth of the population who are in to marriage end up with divorce. Nevertheless, those who wanted to save their marriage and willing to work out with it, then there are a several ways to try to stop divorce as an option for your solution.


One of the solutions that you may try as married couple is to seek and go through marriage counseling. The are two options to discuss your marital problem with your counselors go either to marriage counseling office or through online marriage counseling. When you opt to marital counseling, it is advisable that both couple will participate and engage the counseling procedure.

There are some couples who do not want to ask assistance from anyone or try to have marriage counseling because they afraid and feel embarrass. Actually, in marriage counseling, your case is safe for confidentiality purposes. In marriage counseling procedure, there is the presence of counselor who works with couple and tries to resolve the issues that affecting the couple’s marriage. The role of the counselor is to look for the underlying cause of the problems in order to render a workable solution. During the counseling proceedings there will be a question and answer portion. The counselor will ask some questions and the couple will answered it back.

In addition, the counselor must also get the side of each (wife’s side and husband’s side) client, so that information will be collected or gathered. In here, the counselor will ask the couple the purpose why they seek some assistance that be rendered by the counseling session. They will also be asking if what will be their expectation after the marriage counseling session, and rest assured as with the couple’s commitment to cooperate and participate the procedure and the progress of counseling. The role of most counselors during the counseling is only a mediator. The couples still the one who will decide what goal they wanted to meet in the end of the counseling session.

Marriage counseling can employ aid to the couple whom marriage where endangered. It also recommends working with qualified counselors and therapist that may able to help you handle and deals the marital situation properly. This option might bring the couple to come up a good decision to hold on their marriage as well as to know how much they love each other.

About the Author: Nicole Anne A. Smith is a writer who shares information on save my marriage and Saving a marriage after an affair as well as similar marriage issues.


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