Rhinoplasty Reasons Revealed

Rhinoplasty Reasons Revealed


Andrea Avery

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that addresses the shape of your nose. Many people out there may be looking for a cosmetic procedure to change the shape of their nose, but there are some people who are looking to correct serious medical problems with the surgery too. Here are a few reasons why people are interested in this kind of surgery. If you are considering this surgery and you or a loved one falls under any of these categories, talk to your doctor or a local plastic surgeon about the reasons you are considering this life changing surgery.

If your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild has been born with a birth defect that affected the formation of the face or, specifically, the nose, rhinoplasty can help that child have the proper natural mechanisms to breathe. Sometimes there are genetic factors to the malformation of the nose during gestation. Other times it could be due to a complication that arises as the child develops in the mother’s womb or during growth once they’ve been born. In either case, there are doctors who specialize in surgeries for children. This is a case where the medical necessity of plastic surgery can forever change a person’s life. Choosing to get this procedure done for a young child can be more than legitimate, it can be life altering, making sure that the child can breath, smell, and even have better faculties for taste.


If you or a loved one has suffered a trauma to the face and it has affected your nose, this can necessitate rhinoplasty in order to restore the look of your nose after an accident. Many insurance companies will pay for this and other medically necessary plastic surgery procedures to the nose. If you are having trouble breathing or have a deviated septum that can only be corrected through surgery, this is another procedure that is often covered under medical necessity. Your regular ear, nose, and throat doctor can refer you to a surgeon who can take care of the procedure, as most often they are unable to do it themselves. They may also need to speak with your insurance company to assure it is a medical necessity.

Both men and women who are dissatisfied with the nose nature gave them are often looking to change the shape of their nose through rhinoplasty procedures. If you wish you had a smaller nose, a larger nose, or a better-shaped nose to flatter your face and your figure, you want a plastic surgeon who specializes in the aesthetics of nose design. If you are getting the surgery purely for personal reasons, insurance rarely covers unnecessary or elective procedures. You’ll have to finance or pay a doctor in full for the surgery, but you may find that your face will look better than new. You’ll have a fresh new face and a nose that perfectly suits you.

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