The Perfect Kitchen Design With Vastu

The perfect kitchen design with Vastu



Vastu is the ancient science of constructing a house, for residential or commercial purposes. Vastu shastra is mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit literatures. Different cultures have different name for this science. These vastu principles also have deep scientific reasons. In the ancient days, the food for the family was prepared outside the home in an open space. Hence, vastu for kitchen and dining rooms were primarily based on sun and directions of the wind. In the modern days, the cooking and dining place have become compact and the adaptation of vastu for the modern kitchens was started.

The best direction to construct a kitchen in the house is the south eastern corner of the house. This seems logically correct when we consider the directions of wind in hot summer. The positions of door, windows, stove and other appliances are also important in vastu for kitchen. The door should be positioned in the north or east. Door for a kitchen should never be placed in any corner of the room. The door should open clockwise.

According to Vastu for home design, there are some places more favourable to keep the accessories. Here they are:

Refrigerator – South East, South, North or West


Gas stove – Southeastern corner

Equipments like Microwave ovens – South or Southeast

Sink – North East

Gas Cylinder – Southeast

Storing Racks – West or South

The person cooking the food should always face towards east while cooking. This is believed to bring good health and fortune to the family members. And also, the cooking stove should not be kept just opposite to the main entrance door. The stove should not be visible from outside the kitchen. The larger windows should be present in the eastern direction. This is to allow sunlight into the kitchen in the morning. Heavy weight objects like refrigerator should not be kept in the eastern direction as Goddess Lakshmi is said to enter into the house from that direction according to tradition. Smaller windows can be present in the south to enable the cross ventilation.

The dining table should be present inside the kitchen itself according to vastu. It should be present in north eastern direction of the kitchen and not in the center. According to vastu for kitchen design, the recommended colors for kitchen walls are green. Other colors like soft pink and orange can also be used. The green color helps to improve the appetite of the family members. In duplex houses, it is to be made sure that no bathroom exists above the kitchen as it accounts for a very serious vastu defect.

The best design home makes our life prefect.

Modern House Design

includes all modern technology as well as

Vastu for home

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