What To Consider When Selecting A Hand Dryer


From schools to restaurants, a variety of businesses uses hand dryers in their restrooms for people to use after washing their hands. Whether they require one dryer or need to install several, it is important to wisely choose the right industrial hand dryers to use. There are high-speed dryers available that start automatically and others that require the user to push a button to operate. Just as some dryers require heat to use, there are more eco-friendly dryers that do not need heat to help dry the user’s hands. With so many choices to select from you want to take the time require to choose the right one for your company.


Factors to Contemplate While Searching for a Dryer

  • One key factor to consider is the speed of the dryer, you want to select one that can dry hands in just a few seconds versus devices that can take longer and result in people waiting to use the machine.
  • How much power will be used to operate the device? It is important to find one that will help lower the cost of our energy bill.
  • What about the amount of noise the machine will make, you do not want a device that is so loud it can become a nuisance.
  • How durable is the machine? It depends on what type of business you own on how often it will be used. A private office bathroom will not be used as often as a public restroom.
  • How complicated will it be to install the new hand dryer?

Select a Company that Makes It Their Goal to Provide Their Clients with Quality Hand Dryers

When selecting a dryer, you should keep in mind cheaper does not always mean better. While one company may sell a device at a lower price, you may find that the product takes longer to dry hands and can be extremely loud. American Dryer is one of the leading companies that supplies quality and affordable dryers to their clients. They offer their customer exceptional dryers that help reduce the amount of energy required to operate the machine and reduced how loud the dryers sound when in use.