Big Or Small, We Can Always Spice Up Our Homes With The Right Stuff}

Big or Small, We Can Always Spice Up Our Homes with The Right Stuff


Steven MagillThere world is getting smaller. More and more people are moving into cities in order to find work and better opportunities. Such moves have created a rise in the need for affordable housing. As in most cities, space is now becoming a premium and area cuts for apartments, condominiums and homes have begun getting smaller. Though this resizing is evident and a foregone conclusion, this challenge has also created opportunities for designs that integrate the given space with integrated technologies of household products and interior designs that seamlessly integrate different parts of the area into one thematic scheme to give the illusion of space. All in all, what is happening is that we adapt to whatever space is given to us.

One clear example of this trend is the merging of the living room, kitchen and dining room areas in given apartments and condominiums. With such limited space, kitchen designs have now been modernized to blend with the theme of the place. Integrated washing machines are cleverly stored in kitchen cabinets and the modular design of the cupboards, stoves, refrigerator make the whole area not seem like a workplace but actually something integrated with the whole apartment or condominium. An important element which seems to be somehow overlook but in its clever detail make the kitchen look integrated to the area are the kitchen door knobs. Kitchen door knobs come in different designs, shapes, and material. They can be understated, chic, modern, and classic and color coordinated with the cupboards or if not with the stove, refrigerator, and other appliances around. What used to be designated as a kitchen area before when apartment cuts were bigger can now be used as a multi purpose area being that of a kitchen, a breakfast nook; and clothes washing area all in one place. Another important aspect is the kitchen appliances. Refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and the like come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in all colors, and with chrome being the most popular for the modern look, there have been color schemes of such appliances that actually contrast but not clash with the modern look. Their specific designs too can also be a consideration. Modern refrigerators and freezers may have glass windows that enable a person outside to see the contents of the unit. This is done also to have an appearance of space in the whole unit.

While most new units of condominiums come semi furnished and with the color scheme of the place already pre painted, one can add details to the place, making it somewhat personal. This intended effect has made one thing certain. No matter how big or small your space is, with the right accessorizing, you can call it home.

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