How Businesses Can Benefit From Dedicated Remote Server Hosting

By Derek Rogers

A dedicated remote server host can be ideal for your business. After all, as the name suggests, that server is dedicated to you. And remote servers give you extra layers of protection from theft and human error. But what comprises the full range of benefits of a remote dedicated server host?

– More reliability and more availability. You can’t afford to be worried about traffic clusters, server downtime and server errors. These are all common problems that come along with shared hosting. These problems are very rare with dedicated remote server hosting solutions, however.

-You are in complete control, and you can use all of the disk space and bandwidth that you require in order to maintain the website that you want and feel that your business requires. Furthermore, since the server is remote and virtual, you have access to it anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Are you travelling but learn that your server needs a reboot? No problem, you can take care of that on the road just as easily as if you were back in your office. This also means that you can handle things from your home without needing to get in your car or take the tube or bus back to your office to deal with some server emergency.

– Once again, as you aren’t sharing server space with anyone else, you maximise your website’s performance. Visitors who are looking over businesses cannot stand to be delayed or derailed by slow downloads or constant needs to refresh the page. In addition, those same visitors want to be entertained and well-informed, and that won’t happen to full effect unless you can deploy the highest performance website possible.

– Whenever you need to upgrade your website’s performance, dedicated remote server hosting makes this very easy. You can do it without any new wrinkles in your performance fabric, and you don’t have to worry about hitting any ceilings.

– Since all of the security features of a dedicated remote server host are exclusively for your sake, you have far greater security and higher levels of control than you would on a shared server host. You have your specific website having a customised security system in place just for it, rather like installing a security system in a particular home rather than buying some generic system that is supposed to protect every home to the same degree.

– Speaking of customisation, you can install all of the software that you need for your website’s operation, while leaving out the unnecessary and undesired. In fact, your host will have access to all of the latest and greatest in server hardware and software and you, thus, shall have the very same access.

– If ever something should go wrong that you cannot deal with yourself, you will have access to a technical support staff who will be able to assist you. They are part and parcel of any good dedicated remote server host package.

As you can see, the importance of using a dedicated remote server host cannot be overstated in today’s business climate.

About the Author: Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For information about Networks, he recommends Network Needs, a leading provider of

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